University Fancards is a financial technologies company that provides two major products: a prepaid Mastercard card and a Mastercard gift card. 

The prepaid--or reloadable--Mastercard card is a credit-neutral card that can be connected to your checking account, savings account, Direct Deposit, federal benefits, Venmo, PayPal and more! It is an incredibly easy and convenient way to manage your money using the Fancards Mobile Banking App that is available on the Apple Store and Google Play and Apple Pay for iOS users. With your prepaid card, you also have access to up to 5 sub-cards that can be controlled directly from your phone! You can learn more about what sub-cards are and how to use them here. You can use your prepaid card anywhere that accepts Mastercard debit cards*. 

The Mastercard gift card is an open loop gift card, meaning you can use it virtually anywhere you want! Pick one up at a local store near you or click here to find a location. Load it with $20-$500 at the register* and you're good to go!

*Some fees apply.